When considering their careers, most nurses seek positions that involve working directly with patients in hospitals, doctors’ offices, rehabilitation centers and other health care facilities. However, few realize there are several nursing jobs designed to be done from home. A work-from-home nurse can choose from a wide variety of career paths that utilize his or her professional medical skills to help patients in a number of ways.

What Is a Work-from-Home Nurse?

Just as there are different types of patients, there are several different types of nurses. While clinical nurses adopt a face-to-face approach when caring for patients, nonclinical, work-from-home nurses often care for patients through education, treatment planning and other indirect care methods. While both clinical and nonclinical nurses are required to have extensive medical skills, each uses different approaches to promote health and wellness among their patients.

Work-from-Home Nurse Roles

While the field of health care is continuously expanding worldwide, work-from-home nurses are in high demand. The following are four popular career paths for these nurses:

Medical Call Center Nurse

Typically used by at-home health agencies and health insurance providers, medical call center nurses work directly from the comfort of their own homes to ensure proper care is being provided to their clients.

Career Responsibilities

Provide thorough answers to medical questions clients may have
Call patients to ensure they are experiencing progress with medical treatments
Record patients’ progress and report that information to supervisors

Case Manager

A case manager position is the perfect role for a leading clinical nurse who wants to transition into a career as a work-from-home nurse. In addition to their medical expertise, case managers utilize skills in organization and leadership to plan care and treatment for patients through insurance carriers.

Career Responsibilities

Develop treatment plans for patients with extensive health concerns
Analyze patients’ health insurance coverage to determine which methods of treatment they can afford
Connect patients to doctors in their health insurance providers’ networks

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Health Care Recruiter

A vital role within a number of health facilities, health care recruiters use their nursing skills and knowledge to fill open positions with the right medical professionals. Without the responsibilities of working directly with patients, these nurses have the opportunity to complete their work from home.

Career Responsibilities

Understand a variety of medical terminologies and position requirements
Communicate directly with clients through phone calls and emails
Determine which applicants are the right fit for specific roles
Ensure new employees are prepared for professional training

Freelance Nursing Writer

This is an ideal role for nurses who want to educate their colleagues. Several research companies hire nursing writers to create content for textbooks, college courses, and patient education materials. Rather than work face to face with patients, these nurses apply their skills to educating future professionals and patients.

Career Responsibilities

Demonstrate a deep understanding of medical topics, terminologies and facility best practices
Conduct thorough research to be compiled in reading materials for patients and nursing students
Understand and follow the needs and standards of hospitals and institutions to provide appropriate content

Education Requirements for Work-from-Home Nursing Careers

Every career requires a specific educational background and skill set. When it comes to nursing, most clinical facilities and work-from-home positions require professionals to have at least an associate degree in nursing (ADN), along with a valid registered nursing license. And while these two credentials can serve as the key to a successful career, a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) can help expand career opportunities and improve earning potential.

It’s no secret that those who hold an advanced educational degree are favored by employers. As suggested in a report published by Nurse.org, a BSN will be the gold standard of nursing by 2020. According to this projection, earning a BSN will ultimately present a greater selection of careers at all levels of nursing, along with higher salaries.

Work-from-Home Nurse Salary

A nurse’s annual salary is determined by his or her position, experience, location and education. When it comes to the salary for work-from-home nursing careers, education is a significant defining factor. According to a study published by Nurse Journal in 2016, nurses who earn a BSN earn an average annual salary of $69,697, which is nearly $9,000 more than nurses who only earn an ADN. Additionally, nurses who earn a BSN are eligible for 88 percent of available nursing careers, while nurses with less education qualify for only 55 percent.

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