The rapid advancement of modern technology has introduced exciting new forms of media and methods of communication. As a result, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be more than 45,000 new jobs in media and communication by 2026. Since the number of positions in this field continues to grow, there’s never been a better time to pursue a corporate communication career.

How to Get Into Corporate Communication

The corporate communication field offers an extensive selection of careers. And while many of these roles require similar skills in both marketing and public relations, each position holds its own set of diverse responsibilities. When it comes to determining which role is right for you, it’s important to understand the levels of education required.

Education Requirements

Depending on the level of the position, most employers seek applicants with the following:

  A bachelor’s degree in communication, marketing, journalism or a related field
  A master’s degree in communication or a concentration specific to the industry
  Internship experience within communication or a similar field
  Previous work experience within the industry

Most employers hiring for entry-level corporate communication careers require applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree. And while a bachelor’s degree alone showcases candidates’ skills and often qualifies them for the position, a bachelor’s degree and related work or internship experience are more attractive to employers.

To advance from entry-level roles, earning a master’s degree is key. Those who hold a master’s degree in the communication field can apply their skills and ideas in the workplace. As communication and media technology continues to change, new ideas are required to use these tools effectively.

Top Corporate Communication Careers

Whether you’re considering an entry-level position or are interested in a role with director or managerial responsibilities, it’s best to explore your full spectrum of options and understand what each title entails. The following are seven of the top corporate communication careers along with the responsibilities and median annual salaries for each. Compensation depends on many factors, such as location, experience level and industry.

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Communication Coordinator

The daily tasks of communication coordinators involve handling marketing communication procedures and maintaining a quality reputation for the company. Professionals in this position are often required to communicate directly with a company’s clients, meaning they should demonstrate outstanding verbal and written communication skills, along with skills in marketing and public relations.

Level: Entry
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in communication or a related field
Required Experience: None
Median Annual Salary: $41,257

Marketing Communication Specialist

Marketing communication specialists must have excellent skills in visual design along with talent in written communication. Depending on the type and the size of a company, the marketing communication specialist may be part of a team, which requires proficient verbal communication skills as well.

Level: Entry
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in communication or a related field
Required Experience: None
Median Annual Salary: $50,334

Public Relations Specialist

Responsibilities for public relations specialists include promoting awareness about the company through advertising and press releases, as well as communicating with members of the marketing team to develop new campaigns and branding techniques.

Level: Entry
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in communication or a related field
Required Experience: Internship experience is preferred
Median Annual Salary: $45,787

Communication Manager

With the goal of maintaining a company’s positive reputation, communication managers oversee communication between the company and its customers. These professionals must communicate with several different departments and individuals throughout the company to ensure every process is operating properly and that the company’s voice is being represented correctly.

Level: Upper
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field
Required Experience: Extensive experience from a related position
Median Annual Salary: $62,064

Marketing Manager

Whether it’s advertising a specific product to consumers or drawing potential clients to a company, a marketing manager aids in the creative marketing process while assisting all members of a marketing team. Vital skills necessary for this position include organization and time management.

Level: Upper
Required Education: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing or related fields
Required Experience: Experience from a related entry-level position
Median Annual Salary: $63,103

Marketing Communication Director

This professional creates the marketing strategies a company uses and implements ideas through the direction of the marketing team. Once a marketing campaign is launched, the marketing communication director must also document its success to determine the strategic approaches the company will take in the future.

Level: Upper
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing and master’s degree in a related field
Required Experience: None
Median Annual Salary: $77,937

Public Relations Director

Interdependent with a company’s marketing team, a public relations director develops informative press releases for the media, coordinates public events and ensures that positivity is promoted through every aspect of business. Depending on the type of company represented, advanced skills in event planning and fundraising may also be required.

Level: Top
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing or communication and master’s degree in a related field
Required Experience: Extensive experience from a position in public relations
Median Annual Salary: $83,562

Note: Salary information is from PayScale at the time of publication.

Corporate Communication Careers: Salaries

Annual salaries for corporate communication careers range between $34,000 and $130,000, according to PayScale. The growing demand for these professionals means salaries are likely to rise. Those who have solely a bachelor’s degree and who are beginning a career in corporate communication with an entry-level position can expect to earn a starting salary on the lower part of the pay range. However, seasoned professionals with a master’s degree as well as years of experience can use their education and skills in higher-level management roles.

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